Gradle Training

Free Training: Introduction to Gradle

UPDATE: This training is now fully booked! Stay tuned to the Gradle blog for future free training announcements.

Come and learn how to use Gradle from one of Gradle Inc.'s core developers in an 8-hour online training. For a limited time we are offering our flagship Introduction to Gradle course for free—a big discount from the usual $900 per seat. Don't miss this chance to learn everything you need to start creating and running your own Gradle builds with confidence!

Dates and Times

The course runs over 2 days, 4 hours each day:
Wednesday, January 11th8:30am - 12:30pm PST
Thursday, January 12th8:30am - 12:30pm PST
Please make sure you can attend both sessions!


In this course, you will:
  • Gain the understanding you need to get your Gradle build up and running
  • Use Gradle to build a Java application
  • Use Gradle to build a C++ application and library
  • Learn Gradle best practices
  • Understand the basics of Gradle dependency management
  • Create multi-project builds
  • Utilize Gradle plugins, both built-in and community-developed
  • Have Q&A time with a Gradle Core developer
For complete details, check out the course syllabus. To get a taste, watch this excerpt from a previous course.

About the Instructor

Gary Hale is a Principal Engineer at Gradle Inc. and the author of the Gradle Jenkins plugin and the Gradle Glu plugin. He regularly conducts Gradle trainings and has developed a number of Gradle Inc's advanced training courses, including Extending Gradle.